The purpose of this webpage is to create a dialogue with our future suppliers and other business partners. It is an opportunity to have a look at our company and the story about the furniture architect Aage Egeriis.

After 40 years, we have acquired the rights once again of the Danish furniture design from the late 60s.. This furniture where made by Aage Egeriis which won him international acclaim and prizes back in 1965 and which later was produced by the manufacturer Poul Cadovius.

Aage Egeriis create a greater collection in around 40 furniture and some was never published. For that reason some of his furniture is not accesseable on this website because of future interests, but you can see many of hes timeless and beautiful chairs on this site.

Introduction to Aage Egeriis

I perceive it as a mission to bring a decorative element to the functionalist style.

By observing nature’s open basic shapes in leaves, flowers, mussel and snail shells, etc., you will see that these shapes follow very definite laws of pressure and tension, so that a hollow in one place automatically finds equilibrium by creating a hollow in another place.

In a whole shape, such as a flower, you see the static transmission of this system of hollows following the chosen functionality of the flower, thus maintaining design and decoration.
Basic natural shapes form a whole in all my furniture

Aage Egeriis 1968

World wide in the 60's

The furniture in the 60s was exported to many countries like Germany, England, Sweden, and also the United States. Egeriis Furnitures goal is now to bring once again his determination and vision into life thus revitalizing his furniture. 

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